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Tang Kuei Discontinued

Dear Customer,

We would like to make you aware that the Herbalife Tang Kuei SKU #0003 has been discontinued.

As per communication sent out by Herbalife South Africa, the EMEA Team along with the Southern African Strategy and Planning group are working closely to identify and introduce innovative new products based on science/clinical studies.

As part of these changes Tang Kuei (SKU# 0003) is now discontinued in South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland.

Wishing you every success in your Herbalife journey.


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  • Good Day Mokibelo Ntshaleng

    Thank you for reaching out to us with your inquiry

    Please note that this product has not being discontinued for any health concerns. There are various reasons the company may have for discontinuation of products, for example key ingredients could be in short supply, or the ingredient quality may be compromised due to soil degradation/climate change, or even for commercial reasons like the regulations around the ingredient/product could have changed, or simply because the product sales is not producing adequate returns etc

    All we can advise is that when Herbalife corporate discontinued this product, the following was formally communicated on 8th Match 2018:
    Thank you for your continued commitment and your dedication to advancing the Herbalife business. We are currently analyzing all product categories and developing strategies to make our product portfolio more effective. This includes the introduction of products that meet the wishes of the members as well as the introduction of new, innovative products based on scientific and clinical studies and the discontinuation of less well-performing products that no longer fit a forward strategy.

    Products are tested for which, for example, no product claims may be made, country-specific rules and regulations have changed, science has developed further and products for which sales have less good numbers.

    As already informed, the Tang Kuei # 0003 product will no longer be available from September.

    ShopWellness Team

  • Are there any health reasons behind the discontinuation of the product?

    Mokibelo Ntshabeleng

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