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Dry, dull and faded hair can be an unwanted side-effect of improper hair care. Here are some shampooing tips to get beautiful, healthy and shiny hair.

Have you ever really taken the time to research the most productive and beneficial way to do something? Anything? How about something as simple as washing your hair? Most of us wash our hair practically every day. And we have probably been doing it the same exact way ever since we first started shampooing our hair as a child. Are we doing it the right way? Is there a right way? You bet there is. If you’re washing your hair incorrectly, you could be causing damage to your hair. Who knew?

Everything we do in life consists of a series of steps that will deliver results in a timely and efficient manner. These steps also apply to our beauty regimen. Sure, many things are trial and error, and there are some things that only work for some people and not the masses. But when it comes to washing your hair, the steps that you follow could result in beautiful, healthy, bouncy, soft hair that shines. Or, hair that looks look dull, dry, faded and weighed down. So, are there steps we should all follow in pursuit of a good hair day? You bet there are. And the best part is they’re so simple we can all start using them right away.

Here are a few simple shampooing tips to guarantee you’ll have a good hair day.

Choose the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

There are no one size fits all hair care products. You need to make sure you’re selecting the ideal shampoo and conditioner based on your hair type and condition. There are products for fine hair, thick hair, curly hair and colored hair, just to name a few. If your hair is dry, you need to choose products with moisturizing properties. If you color your hair, then opt for products that help preserve hair color or are labeled “color-safe.” If your hair is a bit fine and limp, then reach for a “volumizing” shampoo that will prevent your hair from becoming weighed down. They tend to be less moisturizing than most other shampoos.

Start with a Quick Rinse

For the best results when shampooing, give your hair a quick rinse before you apply your shampoo. Think about it: we have a rinse cycle for our laundry and our dishes, so why not our hair? You always want your hair to be wet before you apply your shampoo. When you give your hair a quick rinse, the warm water will help loosen up the oils on your scalp and open up the cuticle of your hair. Once you’ve given your hair a quick rinse to remove the surface impurities, you’re ready to start cleansing.

Lather Away

Everyone loves a nice lathering when they’re shampooing, but there is an efficient way to lather up. You only apply shampoo at the scalp or near the roots of your hair. You create the bubbles and lather from the roots to the ends. Why? Well, the hair closest to the scalp is most likely the oiliest so it needs a bit more cleansing. The ends of the hair are the oldest and may be dryer or even damaged when compared to the rest of the hair. They’re probably quite fragile and, therefore, can’t stand a lot of lathering and scrubbing. In fact, this can be damaging. So, simply smooth the suds over your ends.

Take It Easy

We must always treat our hair with a lot of tender, loving care. That means we have to be gentle. Friction is not a friend to hair. So, when you are washing it, don’t scrub in a circular motion as this could cause tangles. Don’t twist your long hair like it’s a washrag. Be very careful to keep it protected and tangle free.

Conditioner Is Key

If you think conditioning your hair is a waste of time, think again. If you don’t see the importance, just stop doing it for a few days. You will definitely notice the difference in your tresses. If your hair is long, you may even consider conditioning it before you shampoo. Just simply run a small amount of conditioner through the length and gently rinse. This will help to keep your ends healthy, and also help to seal in the hairs cuticle with much needed moisture. The result? Healthy looking hair and a quick boost of shine.

Before you condition your hair, be sure to rinse out all traces of shampoo and squeeze excess water from your hair before applying conditioner. The longer you can leave conditioner on your hair the better off it will be. It will definitely absorb better with a bit of time. No need to apply conditioner to the roots of the hair. This hair already has the added benefits of the natural oils from the scalp. So concentrate on other areas, especially the ends.

Use a Cold Water Rinse

This may sound unappealing, but cold water is perfect for rinsing. It helps to close up the cuticle, and when this happens it will allow light to reflect, which will provide your hair with a beautiful, healthy-looking shine. Bite the bullet and do it in the name of fabulous looking hair.

A Few More Hair Care Tips

  • Don’t use too much shampoo! All you need is a dollop about the size of a quarter to do the job. If you have long hair or hair that is super thick, you can use a bit more.
  • If you have hair that’s oily, you may wish to shampoo every day.
  • If you have hair that’s dry, consider washing every other day.
  • When towel drying your hair, be gentle and don’t rub too hard. This will only damage hair and result in frizzies and fly-a-ways.
  • Get a water filter. It will help to remove minerals and other impurities that can cause hair to look dull. Blondies, if your hair is looking a bit darker than usual, this could be the cause.

That’s it. Hopefully everyone has been shampooing the correct way. If not, try a few of these simple shampooing tips to see if you notice a difference in your hair. Remember the cleanest and healthiest hair is always the most beautiful.

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