How to Choose the Ideal Brush for Your Hair

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Ever get bewildered when walking down the hair care aisle at your local store, because there are just too many hair brushes to choose from? Then read on: this guide will help take the guesswork out of picking the right hair brush for your needs!

Does your hair have a mind of it’s own? It might not be your hair; it might have to do with the type of brush you’re choosing to style it with. The world of hair brushes can be confusing with so many types to choose from. Choosing the correct type of hair brush has a lot to do with the natural texture of your hair and the look you intend to achieve.

Hair Brush Bristles

When it comes to hair brushes, there are those with natural bristles, synthetic bristles or a combination of both. Natural bristles are usually derived from boars. The advantage of these natural bristles is that they can help clean the hair and scalp. Natural bristles are easy on the scalp, reduce static and cause minimal breakage. There have been lots of reviews that state that natural brushes last longer than synthetic hair brushes.

Synthetic hair brush bristles are generally made from nylon and are a typically inexpensive alternative to natural bristles. Synthetic hair brush bristles work well for sliding through fine hair, but you must do your research if you have thicker hair. Make sure the synthetic bristles are sturdy if you are navigating through thick hair. Another thing to watch out for with synthetic bristles is that they can melt under excessive heat.

Regarding how the bristles are placed in a hair brush, the closer the bristles are together, the finer the hair the brush is intended for. When bristles are set farther from each other, the hair brush would be for a thicker hair texture.

Hair brush types

Paddle brush

Paddle brushes come in different sizes and shapes. There are small paddle brushes you can carry on the go, and there are large paddle brushes that are handy when you’re styling at home. They typically come in square or round shape. Think of paddle brushes as your typical hair brush to detangle and smooth out your hair. They might suffice for a blow-drying if you have short or medium-length fine hair. If you have longer, thicker hair, use a paddle brush for a rough blow-dry and then continue styling with a round brush.

Vent brush

A vent brush is meant for detangling and taming frizz. A vent brush is good for short or medium hair length. It can be used as a blow-drying tool, and it can add volume to hair thanks to vents placed behind the bristles. And you guessed it—the vents allow for faster drying time.

Round metal brush

This is a go-to brush for big bouncy blow-outs. You can choose the type of bristles based on your needs, as well as brush features (such as vents) for what feels best on your hair texture. Round metal hair brushes are known to add volume while blow-drying. They come in various sizes, so you can choose the size of the brush depending on the look you are going for. Newer technologies of round metal brushes include ionic and ceramic hair brushes. These brushes are said to shorten drying time, while creating your desired look.


Combs come in wide tooth or fine tooth. Use a wide tooth comb to detangle and to comb while hair is wet. Fine tooth combs can be used on fine hair, and they can be used as a styling tool for teasing thicker hair.

Teasing brush

Also known as a ‘backbrushing’ brush, these can add volume to specific areas of your hair. These days, it’s trendy to tease your hair at the crown and create up-dos with this technique. Teasing brushes are typically rectangular shaped with tightly packed bristles.

Caring for your hair brushes

Just like your other beauty tools need a revamp every so often, so do your hair brushes! As time goes on, the texture of your hair changes along with styles and treatments, so be sure to use the correct brush for your hair type. Hair brushes can get saturated with product build-up and dirt over time. You can extend the life of your hair brushes by regularly cleaning them. When you purchase hair brushes, look at the labels for cleaning instructions. Most hair brushes can be easily shampooed.


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