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Dry or dehydrated skin on the hands can make them look older and feel uncomfortable. However, there are a number of things you can do to help make them smoother.

When your skin gets dry or dehydrated, it not only looks different, it feels different. Fine lines and wrinkles may be more noticeable. Dry, flaky patches of skin may be present on the surface. And your skin probably feels as uncomfortable as it looks. And, dare I say it? Yes, that dry skin can add years to your appearance, making you look older than you really are.

Did you know that your hands are affected by dryness and are an indicator of your true age? Let’s take a look at a few simple skin care tips you can follow to keep your hands feeling soft, smooth and younger looking, too.

No one likes the feeling of dry, rough skin, especially when it comes to the hands. Like most people, you would probably prefer to shake hands, touch, or be touched by someone with soft, smooth skin rather than rough and scratchy. And, let’s face it, you know your hands can really take a beating throughout the day. So, what can you do?

Here are a few simple steps you can follow for younger-looking, more touchable hands.

Show of Hands

Don’t Over-Wash

Washing your hands is incredibly important. If you’re practicing good hygiene, you probably can’t count how many times you clean them in a day. While proper washing is necessary, over-exposure to water should be avoided. Wear gloves when doing the dishes or cleaning your sinks, tubs and showers. Keep your hands clean, but take precautionary measures to not overdo it by exposing your skin unnecessarily.

Rethink Using Bar Soaps

Bar soaps are great for the body, but when it comes to repeat washing of the hands, you may wish to consider a gentler hand and body wash to do the job. Look for a hand cleanser that is sulfate-free and contains antioxidant vitamins and natural ingredients, like Aloe vera, olive oil or shea butter, to provide your skin with much needed moisture. A gentler approach to washing will be a lot less drying for your skin.

Keep Moisturizer Handy

Applying hand cream is a must for taking care of your hands. Make it as convenient as possible so you never forget. Keep hand cream next to your sink to establish the healthy habit of applying it right after washing. Wash, pat skin dry and apply your hand cream while skin is still damp. This is the best way to lock in moisture and reap the rewards of soft, silky skin. Keep a hand cream in your purse, gym bag, on your desk and even in the cup holder of your car. I do this—and while I don’t condone distractions from driving, I can always get my hands nice and moisturized while sitting at a red light. When it comes to hand cream, the more the merrier.

Protection Is Important

Exposed hands always run the risk of getting dry. During the colder months, be sure to always wear gloves when going outside. The snow, cold and especially the wind can dry, dehydrate and chap your skin in no time. Gardening and yard work in general can be damaging as well. So, a good rule of thumb is to wear gloves whenever possible. By keeping your hands covered and protected with gloves while working outdoors, you can also eliminate excessive scrubbing to get them clean.

Speaking of Protection

Your hands really do have a tendency to showcase your age. So, you want to take care of them by not only cleaning and hydrating them, but also by protecting them with plenty of sun protection. The UVA and UVB rays of the sun are damaging and can burn and age your skin. The backs of hands are very prone to sunspots, and you need to keep them protected when driving, bike riding and even mowing the lawn. Minimal sun exposure can cause long-term effects on the hands. Next time you’re driving in your car, take note of just how long the back of your hands are exposed to the sun coming through the window.

The Night Time Is the Right Time

Any time you can nourish and treat your skin while sleeping is a plus. Start a healthy hand care habit by applying hand cream before bedtime. Add this simple step to your nighttime routine and you’ll never forget. Heck, keep hand cream on your nightstand and make it the last thing you do before turning off the lights. There’s nothing better than waking up with soft and silky hands. And they will look great as well.

Benefits of Exfoliation

Taking care of your hands is easy. Give them a quick exfoliation at least once a week. This simple step helps remove dead skin cell build-up and leaves skin feeling amazing. Next time you’re scrubbing your face, just use the same product to scrub your hands. It will add just a few seconds to your routine, but the rewards will be worth it. And don’t forget about your cuticles. Just a little extra hand cream massaged into your cuticles will do the trick—as will various items you probably have in your kitchen, like olive or coconut oil.

These simple hand care tips will have your hands looking younger, softer and smoother in no time at all. As always, the healthiest skin is always the most beautiful.


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