Formula 1 MINT Chocolate RE-FORMULATION

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Formula 1 MINT Chocolate has a tasty NEW FORMULATION!




  • The Formula 1 Mint Chocolate flavour has been upgraded to extend the shelf life from 12 months to 24 months.
  • Chocolate pieces have been replaced with cookie crumbs to help improve shelf life.
  • The amount of vitamins and minerals will slightly increase and the flavour has been switched from artificial to natural.
  • The Formula 1 Mint Chocolate is also suitable for vegetarians.
  • New marketing materials will be made available to support the launch.
  • SKU number (SKU # 2789) and price will remain the same.
  • Look out for the new Formula 1 Mint Chocolate Crunch label - coming soon.


Q1: What is different about the new Formula 1 Mint Chocolate Shake compared to the current one?

The new Formula 1 Mint Chocolate Shake has a 24 month shelf life instead of the current 12 months, allowing you to enjoy for even longer and bringing it in line with all other Formula 1 Shake flavours. Along with the addition of natural Mint Chocolate flavour, the chocolate bits were replaced by cookie crumbs.


Q2: How has the formula been changed to lengthen the shelf life?

We have made various changes such as replacing Safflower Oil with Soybean Oil and replacing the chocolate bits with cookie crumbs, which contain cocoa powder. These changes will have a minor impact on the taste.


Q3. Are there any other changes being made to the formula?

Yes, the number of vitamins and minerals will increase from 22 to 23. The mineral Molybdenum was added and it contributes to normal sulphur-amino acid metabolism.


Q4. Will the product look different from the current one?

Yes. If you prepare it in a blender the colour will be slightly lighter as there are no chocolate bits to be crushed. The appearance/colour difference caused by the crushed chocolate make the shake darker with dark brown bits while the cookie crumbs are much lighter and don’t go darker over time.


Q5. Will this be a limited edition product?

No, Formula 1 Mint Chocolate Shake will be a permanent SKU.


Q6. Will the SKU number remain the same as current?

Yes, as it is a reformulation not a new product.


Q7. Will the price remain the same as current?

Yes, Please check with your Herbalife Independent Distributor for pricing.


Q8. Will there be marketing materials created to help Members promote the re-launch?

Yes we have produced a poster, flyer and social media post which will be available for download once the new version has launched.


Q9: When will it launch?

Each market will automatically switch to the new formula once stock levels of the current version have sold out and depleted completely. Therefore launch days will vary by market – please see below an indicative date of when it will launch in each market. Please note that these dates may vary slightly, depending on the sales rate of the current formula.

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