Body Skin Concerns: Address Them on a Budget

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Having separate products to alleviate dry hands, clogged pores and dry lips can be overwhelming. Not only would it be extra work to find specific products, but it could also be costly. Here are some simple tips on how to use your existing skincare products to address various common body conditions.


Dry Hands

Many of us wash our hands using hot water, and as a result, we strip our skin of natural oils that keep it soft. To alleviate the dryness, use a face scrub on your hands once a week. Wet your hands with warm water and apply a nickel-size amount to the back of the hands. Gently massage the top and bottom of the hands for 20 seconds, then remove the scrub with lukewarm water, pat dry and add some facial night cream. Night creams tend to have more emollient and moisturizing ingredients. Look for products with ingredients like aloe vera, macadamia oil and olive oil, which are soothing and moisturizing.

Chicken Skin

Keratosis pilaris is a skin condition which usually appears as tiny bumps that look like chicken skin. They can appear on the back of the arms, legs, and sometimes on the thighs. Even though having clogged pores is not life-threatening, it is not very visually appealing. The solution is to use a face scrub in these areas a few times a week. The most convenient place to use a scrub on the body is in the shower. Use a sponge or loofah to apply a quarter-size amount of product, and gently massage those areas for 30 to 40 seconds, rinse off, and you will be ready to go.

Dry Lips

Lips are fragile, so they tend to lose moisture very quickly. Lack of humidity during the winter and excessive sun exposure during the summer months can also worsen the condition, making lips dry and chapped. Try using a face scrub on your lips once a week. Wet your middle and index finger, apply a dime-sized amount of scrub, and in a soft, circular motion, scrub your lips for 15 seconds. Remove the scrub with warm water, pat your lips dry and add some face serum to keep them soft. Look for scrubs with blueberry, grapefruit and pomegranate seeds, as these ingredients are gentle and can help achieve smooth skin. When identifying a good face serum, make sure it has antioxidants, vitamins and essential oils, as they provide hydrating properties.

Body skin concerns can come up at any time during the year. Stress, medications and hormonal changes can also affect your skin’s appearance. Use high-quality products to achieve exceptional results. The above recommendations take just minutes, and since you’ve already invested in the initial products, doing the treatments won’t cost a fortune. However, they will make you feel like a million bucks!




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