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One of the most advanced multivitamins on the market.

With today's diets, it's hard for anyone to get all the nutrition they need. Research suggests that vitamins and minerals in food and plant-based forms may be absorbed and used more efficiently by the body.

Using breakthrough technologies, Mannatech employs a process that collects minerals from hydroponically grown Indian mustard sprouts to achieve the highest concentration possible.

Get the nutrition you need in its most natural form.

The first of their kind, PhytoMatrix caplets represent a major advancement in the technology of nutrient delivery. Mannatech's PhytoMatrix caplets are formulated to deliver:

Many of the vitamins, minerals and standardized phytonutrients the body needs
Both antioxidant and immune system support
A natural real-food vitamin complex formulated for maximum absorption
Highly concentrated, plant-sourced minerals derived from hydroponically grown mustard sprouts
Standardized phytonutrients from natural fruit and vegetable sources including broccoli, cranberry juice and grape pomace extract

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