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We are happy to announce that Mannabears are back!!!! Thank you for your patience. 

As you might be aware, MannaBears were on temporary backorder.
Within the past year, Mannatech’s glyconutrient gummy MannaBears had been on continuous backorder which has resulted in the urgent need to resource the development with a new manufacturer who can promise to deliver consistently and on time and with the highest regard for the efficacy of this product. Unfortunately, this is not a simple process and Mannatech’s unique formula has proven difficult to master.
The newly resourced MannaBear available for new orders of the product.

It is important that we note a few changes with the newly resourced MannaBears:

  • The bottle will be a smaller size clear with a white cap.
  • There will be 90 bears instead of 120 bears in each bottle, however, the nutritional benefit will remain the same as they were previously. In other words, one serving will now be the equivalent of 3 gummies instead of 4.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and patience during this time. To update your Automatic Order or place new orders, simply log on to Mannatech.

You would locate the product under the Integrative-Health collection. 

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