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Ladies and Gentlemen... It's finally here!

The Highest Grade Aloe Vera product in the world!
Please give a warm hearty welcome to Manapol®

What makes it undeniably the best?

Everyone knows that the aloe vera plant has many beneficial properties for the human body. But did you know that not all aloe vera plants and products are alike?

Ordinary aloe gel inner leaf powder does not meet the scientific definition of acetylated, mannose-rich polysaccharides, known as acemannan.
Acemannan requires an atomic weight of at least 1 million Daltons, and most other aloe products claiming to be acemannan do not meet these requirements.
Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) has defined acemannan as requiring a molecular weight of one to two million Daltons.
Mannatech’s Manapol powder has a guaranteed molecular weight of more than one million Daltons, testing higher than any other aloe gel extract, which is what gives it the extraordinary and scientifically documented effects in human studies.
No other aloe product in the marketplace contains Manapol. Mannatech is the only company that owns the rights to this unique ingredient, making our aloe-containing products the purest and most potent of any others on the market.

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