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You've heard it over and over again. Stay Home! Be Safe!

So we're not going to remind you again, we just wanted to keep you in the loop on the latest developments on our operations and services.

Our primary courier partner (Dawn Wing) has informed us that they are operating with a reduced staff compliment to maintain social distancing and adhere to the measures in place to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus. Therefore, there is a slight delay in the delivery times. As some of you who have ordered during the lock down period may have noticed - we see between a 24 to 72 hour delay to the usual delivery timelines.

Based on the communications we have received from both Herbalife Nutrition South Africa and Mannatech South Africa, there is a restriction on the fulfilment of any orders for products that are deemed non-essential. This may be altered in the forthcoming risk orientated levels of the lock-down.
Presently, only the essential products that are being supplied are available for ordering on our website.
Should there be any further changes, we would update our website product availability accordingly, and communicate further.

Now that we've gotten past the boring stuff, let's have some fun - shall we?


Wellness is about more than inner and outer nutrition, there are many ways you can keep the boredom out of your homes. You can:

  • Watch a movie
  • Read a book
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Learn to cook
  • Meditate, Introspect, Reflect
  • Treat yourself - foot spa, face mask etc
  • Watch a TV series
  • Catch up on your beauty sleep
  • Learn a new language
  • Bump up your career - study something online
  • Paint or Draw
  • Start a food garden
  • Declutter your house/garage
  • Build a jigsaw puzzle
  • Dance like no one is watching

We want to hear from you.
Consider that there are many people out there who are really having a difficult time with coping during these testing times. This is your opportunity to bring some tranquillity, enjoyment and perhaps even some needed 'sanity' to someone else out there.

So drop us an email with your list of your recommendations for the folks out there. Once we have a substantial list of recommendations we would compile them and send them to all of those who are subscribed to our mailing list.

Here are a few ideas on what to recommend...

  • Websites to visit
  • Online Courses that you enjoyed
  • Books that impacted/fascinated you
  • TV Series/Movies that you highly recommend
  • Documentaries that must be watched
  • Podcasts to enjoy
  • Board/Card games to play
  • Mobile Apps/Games that you're addicted to
  • Recipes that you recommend trying
  • Any other uncommon activity that you've done at home with your family

Don't forget to SEND US AN EMAIL with your list of recommendations, 

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