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WOAH! Wait just a minute there... we're NOT discussing your significant other. We're talking about your Vitamin and Mineral supplements.
To achieve standardised levels of vitamin and mineral ingredients, there are only two sources:


Synthetic vitamins are produced chemically in a laboratory and may be made from petroleum or coal tar; they’re not in a food form.

Because they are less expensive, most minerals used for supplementation are manufactured synthetically.
Tests have shown that these minerals do not dissolve well (they are not soluble) in either the stomach or small intestine.


Naturally sourced vitamins are extracted from foods or plants or are cultured in yeast.

Plants use multiple processes to accumulate minerals from the soil, predigest them and then bond them into a food matrix. Minerals from plants are, therefore, more soluble.

Research suggests that naturally sourced vitamins are easier to absorb and retain than synthetically made vitamins.

Nutritional information panels as on Complementary Medicine labels must show the amount of kilojoules (energy), protein, fat, saturated fat, carbohydrates, total sugars, fibre and sodium.

Vitamins and minerals added for purposes of supplementation or for which a claim is made must also be declared. The Percent Nutrient Reference Value can optionally be included to indicate the percent NRV per serving.

Supplement Labels (as in the U.S.) must include the same things listed above, but also calories, calories from fat, cholesterol, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and iron. The Percent Daily Value for any dietary ingredients for which the FDA has established daily values must also be included.
Companies have some freedom regarding how they present this information.


Get the Facts

These days, more and more consumers take a vitamin/mineral supplement daily. But most people don’t even know the source, quality or efficacy of the products they take.

Mannatech's expert Reglatory Affairs and Quality Assurance teams work very hard to ensure that what you read on our labels is what you will find in our products. Basically what you see is what you get.

Check out the label on PhytoMatrix; they contain natural vitamins and minerals like vitamin C from acerola fruit extract, magnesium from red algae. No unpronounceable or unrecognisable names here.
Become a label reader and you can be more confident in your choices.
It’s only natural to want the best for yourself and your family.

PhytoMatrix (120 Capsules)

Mannatech’s PhytoMatrix supplement includes:

• Naturally sourced vitamins with standardised and properly labelled amounts

• Plant-sourced minerals at standardised and properly labelled amounts

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